"Where's the Corned Beef?"
Species: Red Kangaroo (He/Him)

The main hero of the comic, Jared isn't the brightest bulb in the lot. His inherent innocence and luck tend to help him get through even the toughest of situations though! He tries to be a big hotshot and impress the ladies when he can, but usually with disastrous results. There isn't much that he won't try, and if he fails at it, well, just gotta try again! This can be a pain sometimes for him, and even more painful for those to watch! Vikki's usually trying to keep him in line and safe. Since grade school, they've known each other, and being two of the rare kangaroos in the county, had immediately hit it off. There might be a spark between them, but whether or not it's platonic or romantic remains to be seen...

CURRENT STATUS: Recovering rapidly with a little help from Arroyo's healing potions, he's about to receive an offer he can't rightly refuse...

"Jared, we're not stopping at McDonegal's."
Species: Red Kangaroo (She/Her)

The heroine of this comic, Victoria, or Vikki as she's mainly known, is the brains of the outfit. Besides collaring Jared whenever he's about to do something stupid, she is generally the Leader and Decision maker of the two. Since she's known Jared since second grade, she's picked up on his mannerisms and traits much more than anyone else and can relate with him the best. That's one of the main reasons she and Jared put up with each other at the same job during the summer months for so long... Though she tries to deny it, there's something more than a normal friendship starting between them...

CURRENT STATUS: Recovering from her clash with Typhonis

"From your dimension to theirs without any errors!"
Species: Red Kangaroo (He/Him)

Owner and "Founder" of Boomer Express Delivery Service, Gary has been always striving for the best quality. Since the company is rather new, he's only taken on two employees, Jared and Victoria. Something about the coincidence that the perfect job would come up for two of the only kangaroos in town at the same time comes across as a bit odd, though...

CURRENT STATUS: Helping Jared and Victoria recover from their recent adventure

"Magic is an art, Illusion is a masterpiece."
Species: Gholam (It)

Species: Gholem

Isa is a close friend from Victoria's past. She has never been actually seen in the strip, however. One of the alternate dimension residents was able to see into Vikki's mind with her magic and create a perfect replica of her, using a variant of illusion magic to craft the complex image from Victoria's memory. But memory is seldom a perfect replica of reality, so Truth may differ from Fiction.

CURRENT STATUS: Chief Magickal Advisor to King Montifort IV in Pah'Slute

You can't have Power without Ow.
Species: Gholam (It)

His true name in tones unpronounceable, this alternate world scholar has chosen to call himself simply 'Tim' since he found the name succinct and to the point. His job was to teach Victoria how to properly channel her magical energies and use them for good. But something isn't completely right...

A traitor to the cause, Tim was secretly in league with the Demons from the start and intentionally mistaught Victoria the ways of Magic! This subsequently led her to sacrifice her body and soul to resurrect Tiamat! Tim was apparently crushed by Jared in his giant dragon form during the ensuing battle with the Precursor of Earth and is presumed dead.

CURRENT STATUS: Two-Dimensional somewhere in the Old Woods...

We still don't know which one is which.
Species: Gholam (It)

Again, these alternate dimension teachers with names too high off the scale to pronounce have also chosen simple names, Neil and Bob... It was never really determined which one is which, but they seem to always be around whenever Jared needs to learn something new. They helped him learn how to fly once his Dragon began to manifest, and how to control his size-shifting abilities.

CURRENT STATUS: In their homeworld in the Alternate Dimension

Marksman and non-cheater.
Species: Cheetah (He/Him)

For some reason, he was in the woods when Jared, Victoria, and Isa escaped from Kaminovo's power at Pah'Slute Castle. He claims to be a simple peasant, but his skills are far above ordinary...

The Captain of the Star Knights, Isaac was sent to protect the Dragon inside Jared when the King was taken captive by the Demons Kaminovo and Kyominara. He mistakenly attacked them at first, believing Jared to be a demon when he was half-dragon. He eventually fired the parting shot that sealed Tiamat's permanent demise and rescued Victoria from an otherwise unholy fate...

CURRENT STATUS: Captain of the Star Knights in Pah'Slute

Demons of the Past.
Species: "Demon" (He/Him)

An ancient and dark Demon, hellbent on the capture of the mysterious artifact that now resides within Jared. He will stop at nothing and slaughter anyone who stands in his path. But what is his true reason for this focused pursuit?

After a resounding defeat at the hands of Jared and Victoria in the world of Pah'Slute, the demon's actions have been quelled, but his recent return to kidnap Jared right out from under Arroyo's nose seems to have been completely thwarted. His behavior has remained enigmatic, and the true motives behind his actions are unclear...


Demons of the Present.
Species: "Demon" (She/Her)

Demons can change shape and form at will, but some always choose to beguile their victims and targets with the most distracting shape. This vixen is also on the trail of the Dragon that Jared has. Apparently, Kaminovo was not trusted enough to do the job on his own...

Even with her machinations and scheming, Jared and Victoria have managed to prevent her from taking serious action to steal the Dragon Orb or harm either of them... but she had the opportunity to do so multiple times now... what is her true agenda?


Alchemy for the Future.

Species: Rabbit(?) (He/Him)

The mysterious and energetic rabbit whose brief appearance dramatically changed the lives of Jared and Victoria forever on that one day. He later returned as Gary's consort in magical affairs, though both Jared and Victoria do not know of his firm connection... nor does anyone know about his previous connections...

CURRENT STATUS: Treating Jared and Victoria in their sub-world home.

Current Boffer Tourney Grand Champion
Species: Raccoon (He/Him)

Your everyday, average Role-Playing guy, Adam has been friends with Victoria and Jared since high school began. He tries to hold a regular weekend session with them and a couple of other friends, but it hasn't always been successful. He's working on his masterpiece campaign that will be the Ultimate that all others will be based on once he gets it done. 

When Victoria attempted to vent some of her frustrations over being unable to assist Jared's recovery, even with her newfound abilities, she sought to take it out on the poor raccoon at the local Rennaissance Fair during their annual Boffer Tournament... while soundly trouncing most of the competition, Adam was able to win over the hotheaded Victoria's wild display of rage and unfocused assault and earned her attention for a night on a date...

CURRENT STATUS: Being stood up

Still no concealed carry permit.
Species: Red Fox (He/Him)

The first character encountered in the land of Pah'Slute, Angus McCleod was there to welcome Jared and Victoria to the land at gunpoint. A strange enough encounter, since the setting appeared to be medieval in origin... In time, it was learned that he was the King's aide and confidant, helping to guide the Star Knights across the kingdom towards the unity of the land and furthering peace and prosperity for all.

CURRENT STATUS: Serving the King in Pah'Slute.

Long may he reign.
Species: Brown Bear (He/Him)

King Montifort IV has long ruled over the land of Pah'Slute with peace and compassion, ensuring a healthy trade with outside lands and keeping the darkest of secrets locked away deep within the castle walls. For eons, it had been told that the great Precursor Tiamat had been sealed beneath the castle, an unimaginably powerful evil force that was destined to break free once more to ravage the world. It was he who discovered the lost Prophecy which would eventually lead the lives of Jared, Victoria, and everyone else into the fateful battle that would determine the fate of his world forever. His kingdom was heavily damaged in the ensuing battle, but good prevailed, and now, he must rebuild his shattered kingdom and restore it to its previous glory.

CURRENT STATUS: King of Pah'Slute.

Long has been a pain.
Species: Brown Bear (He/Him)

The spoiled rotten brat of a Prince, John has been raised in the lap of luxury of royal lineage and has little to no knowledge of the common working man's strife. Coupled with the fact that his father, King Montifort, let him take over the throne while he was studying in the Royal Library for some way to combat the coming of Tiamat, his ego soon inflated to many times the legal limit for a child of his age. He's spoiled to the hilt and was promised to receive the Dragon that Jared and Victoria were scheduled to deliver to him on that fateful delivery run. Now he fitfully seeks revenge on Jared for stealing his Dragon and his thunder, pursuing them with such vigor and passion that surpasses his age.

After being sent to the hospital by an unknown assailant who turned out to be Gary, he had the misfortune to be placed in the same room as his most despised opponent, Jared. However, he was "transferred back to Jared's house" to be held in care by a nurse, paid entirely from his parents' insurance... something Jared was unaware that he even had...

CURRENT STATUS: Impatiently waiting in Jared's apartment. For three days. Unsupervised. >facepalm<

Historian and Record Keeper
Species: Raccoon (He/Him)

Theobald McCormick is a high-ranking noble who lives in the upper section of the city of Pah'Slute. It was through his research that the key to the Prophecy was finally found and used to unlock the secrets of Jared and Victoria's role in the upcoming Battle of Titans, and ultimately his assistance, coupled with Torvald Asterson, led to Jared's victory over Tiamat. Although his estate was destroyed, along with most of Pah'Slute in the climactic battle, he resolved to further study the land's history, eager to unlock the next mystery for future generations to work on.

CURRENT STATUS: Assisting in the reconstruction of Pah'Slute

A Rising Star
Species: Whitetail Deer (He/Him)

Torvald Asterton is a Squire serving under the King, training to become a Star Knight. His task to guard Theobald McCormick was to be one of his requirements to advance in rank, but when confronted with several demonic shadows under Kaminovo's control, he and Theobald were captured and taken away to the Old City ruins deep under the Old woods. His undying loyalty to the King and his Charge would ultimately lead them to survival and escape.

CURRENT STATUS: Training to be a Star Knight, Assisting in the reconstruction of Pah'Slute

"Be careful what you wish for."
Species: Precursor (She/Her)

The sheer destructive power of the Precursors is fearsome to behold, and they were sealed long before the history of Pah'Slute began. With Tiamat's revival, the entire country and the world would have been crushed into the bedrock beneath her quaking tread, but Jared and Victoria managed to defeat them before she could cause significant damage.

Soulgem Host: Victoria Havencroft


Cleanup and Chaos Control.
Species: Red Kangaroo (She/Her)

Kathleen Havencroft, Victoria's mother, is a headstrong flyer who won't take no for an answer, even if it's a physical impossibility. She's always there to provide support and a helping hand, be it for an emotional need, or something more physical like repairing the walls and ceiling after one of her husband's many misfired or explosive experiments. She's raised Victoria into the sensible young roo that she is, and will continue to support her every endeavor... witchcraft or not.

CURRENT STATUS: Repairing yet another hole in the ceiling.

Chaos and Cleanup Control.
Species: Red Kangaroo (He/Him)

Stephen Havencroft, Victoria's absentminded father, is always looking to improve on this or tinker with that. His constant experimenting with the laws of nature and the physics of reality have left their home in quite the modest impression of swiss cheese, and if it weren't for his wife, Kathleen Havencroft, it would surely fall apart in a matter of days. He does have his moments of inspiration, his most notable invention being the Hyperbaric Particle Accelerator, but generally forgets the one crucial ingredient in his calculations, usually a blast shield at least a foot thick.

CURRENT STATUS: Causing yet another hole in the ceiling.

Inventor and Cinematographer
Species: Red Kangaroo (He/Him)

Dr. Von Harris is an esteemed inventor and scientist of many years, also turning his talent to the field of cinematography in his early years. His most notable achievements include the then spectacular special effects used to create 'Project: Early' a 1970s sci-fi flick about a giant lapine causing havoc in a small idyllic town. His lifelike representations of 'miniature' cars and houses being crushed by the actor playing Early won multiple awards, and to this day he has never revealed his secret: He actually grew Early up to 70 feet tall and unleashed her on a set of prefabricated homes and cars destined for the junkyard. He is the Matter Enhancement Generator Array (MEGA) inventor that can physically magnify and reduce matter to greater and smaller sizes.

CURRENT STATUS:  Preparing to re-integrate into society after a long and arduous journey.

Butler and Confidant
Species: Jumping Spider (He/Him)

Winfred Montgomery was an ordinary spider going about his daily hunting business when he errantly jumped into the test-fire beam from Dr. Harris' growth ray, and the resulting shock not only increased the spider's size and physical ability but enlarged his brain to be able to comprehend and learn on the level of other sentient beings around the world. Dr. Harris took him in as a servant and taught him proper etiquette, assigning him the role of lab assistant and butler around the mansion for several years. When an unfortunate accident shrunk Dr. Harris down to a few inches tall, Winfred was the only link that Dr. Harris had with the real world and his only companion for nearly 20 years of obscurity. He is a true and dedicated servant, eternally grateful for his sentience and abilities, and will do anything to help and protect Dr. Harris from harm.

CURRENT STATUS: Preparing tea and biscuits, and finding a replacement violin.

The Star of the Past
Species: Rabbit (She/Her)

Many years ago, she was inadvertently caught in one of Dr. Harris' experiments to end world hunger by simply growing the food supply, magnifying it with his MEGA device... however, the power of suddenly being 70 feet tall almost went to her head, and Dr. Harris narrowly convinced her to only act out her frustrations by starring in a hastily planned movie instead of rampaging Ferrington to the ground. She's been stuck at her current size for nearly 30 years and knows how powerful she is. If Dr. Harris wasn't able to somehow keep her in check, who knows what might have happened...

CURRENT STATUS: Emotionally ravaged after thirty years' captivity, lost family, life, and futures. Hopeful to find lost family and perhaps start a new one of her own.

Student of Geography
Species: River Otter (He/Him)

An ordinary otter caught up in an extraordinary turn of events. A simple college student, Ryan has always been fascinated by geology and the wonders that the Earth itself can perform with rock, stone, and landscapes. Perhaps it was no accident that the Dragon Orb sought out one so closely related to the element of Earth...

CURRENT STATUS: Recovered from his brief stint as a Dragon's unwilling partner, watching an old 70s movie with Dr. Von Harris, Early, and Winfred.

Loves to Rock Out
Species: Skunk (He/Him)

Ryan's roommate at Ferrington University also shares a passion for all things Earthen. Their coinciding Majors in Geology led them to be placed as roommates their first year at college... mainly because no one else would accept having to live with a skunk... Once Ryan managed to find Tomato Juice Deoderant for Michael to wear, their friendship blossomed gradually throughout the year. Now, he has only concern knowing what bizarre fate fell his closest friend right before his eyes, as Ryan transformed and broke free into the sky...

CURRENT STATUS: Still worried about Ryan, especially after three days with no word from him.

Species: Wolf (He/Him)

An enigmatic hacker who has managed to see through the magic and discover the truth behind the battle between Vikki and Typhonis. They had originally been working under Kaminovo and Kyominara to track down Jared and Vikki, but he realized their true intentions soon enough to provide important information to Gary and Arroyo in exchange for "Teaching" him how to hack even better... their true identity has yet to be revealed, however...

CURRENT STATUS: War of Worldcraft, The Churning Brigade, L70 Warlock

Chief Reality Officer for Boomer Express
Species: Human (He/Him)

The true "Owner" of Boomer Express, Eugene Estrugo has been supporting the cast from behind the scenes for a very long time. His business ventures value quality over profit, and he cares deeply about those who are taken under his wing. Not much is currently known about him or his capabilities, but he does seem to have a few aces up his sleeve when he needs them...

CURRENT STATUS: Overseeing the Delivery Services of the Local Subcluster of Realities around Jared and Victoria's world

"You will never take the skies from me!"
Species: Precursor (She/Her)

Little is truly known about the Precursors. Typhonis the Air Precursor was sealed away before recorded history, and her origins are likely forever unknown. Her intentions though were apparently wholy destructive. Without Victoria's intervention, she would have obliterated the world for her own entertainment...

Soulgem Host: Early Ashton


Species: ??? (?/?)

The Evil Mastermind?

CURRENT STATUS: Writing Gaming Guardians strips Plotting Nefariously for the next Precursor Storyline, this mysterious figure has often been seen, but never truly encountered. His presence is even more unnerving, in that he does not appear to be of any 'known' species to Jared and Victoria's world.