Yeah. I still want to draw Boomer Express. I'm still here. I've been working full time as a Production Artist though for over a year now with a souvenir T-shirt company, making designs and getting designs ready for screenprinting and sale all across the country in little places like Copper Harbor, MI and Estes Park, CO.

It's a great pay for a job I get to have fun and be creative with, and my coffers are feeling rather full at the moment, but it's come at the cost of my free time, my social life, and at least a shred of my sanity. I am doing very well, but feel like I could be a lot more here. I would like to be a respected cartoon/comic artist like my peers, but lack the technical know-how to improve this website or make it work beyond updating comics. I'm surprised I could even get '' to link here in the first place. 

I want to find my passion for storytelling and comics again. I would like to actually win an Ursa Major Award someday. I had wanted to be a Guest of Honor at a convention for my work... but those dreams are looking farther and fainter every day.

I have enough friends, family, and essentials to call this a successful life though, so you won't hear me complain about it anywhere else than here in my little dark corner of the web. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to look through my work and see more than just a macrofurry artist. Thank you.