Yes, I still exist, and I still manage to think about Boomer Express every so often.

I still want to go to conventions and have a table full of Boomer Express merchandise and my art and more, but life keeps getting in the way of those ideas and dreams. At least it's been positive.

I've had a full-time job working in Production Art at a local souvenir shirt company, helping them produce and design T-shirts for small shops and tourist traps all across the country. That's taken up most of my time, and what little dragon-brain I have leftover usually ends up playing around with doodling my macro arts or chilling in World of Warcraft.

I want to figure out how to care more about Boomer Express, and I think that just... needs a lot of people yelling at me about it and keeping it fresh in my mind.

I noticed there are still at least 5-10 people who stop by here every day. I think that's something important. Thank you.