Whew. A lot has happened since I last updated... I honestly thought I'd be able to keep up the pace of three strips a week, but things just haven't been conspiring very well for me to output as much as I'd like... so I'm going to have to keep it at the pace where I can maintain it, keep producing art for commissions and donations, and work on doing what I've promised to do.

My move to Anaheim though is complete, and I'm really happy to be here. There's a lot to see and do, and things seem... brighter here, but more like a flame is closer. You know it will burn if you get too close, but you can't help but reach out for the warmth.

My bike's almost repaired, so that should expand my range a little. Gas is a bit more expensive so I've been conserving car use a little more to keep things a bit more frugal, and I'm starting to cook at home a little more as well. 

I'll continue to update as I can, the strips are all written out to the end of this arc at around #775 or so with one or two more sub-plots to tie things up... then the real fun begins.