Well, unfortunately, Telltale Games decided to move on without me, and for that, I was rather down for a while. I'm still struggling to find my place in this world, and I'm still trying to figure out how I'm able to Keep Going. I'm 37 now and still doing a job that a high school kid could do just as well, and my degree is just sitting there collecting dust as job after job opportunity is turned down by a form letter of rejection or no response at all. Thankfully, that job is the most lucrative I could find outside my field, and I have successfully paid down the debt that I accrued trying to find a job in Los Angeles. I wish I could have stayed down there and gotten a better shot at storyboarding or animating in Harmony, but unfortunately, the finances did not align for everyone.

I'm in a well-stocked boat, plenty of gas, food, and water, but there's no land visible on any horizon. I know if I go in the wrong direction I'll end up in a worse position than I am now, so I just... sit there waiting for new information that never comes. I am going to see a psychologist in August to discuss my options now that I know my insurances are in order, and hopefully, we'll be able to part the clouds hanging over my existence much more often than once or twice a month to create more comics and more art in general.

I would like validation for my existence and for my art degree. Society still hasn't found me a place, and I am terrible at looking for it. If you know of any potential jobs where a comic/storyboard/animating artist could help, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you.