It's.... been a while.

8 months later, and... I still do care about comics, about Ferrington, Jared, Vikki, and everyone else here.

I kinda owe it to an old friend or two to bring their characters into the light...

I wish I had more time now. I have achieved my 'mid-life' goal of landing a career job, and I now work as a Lead Production Artist at a local screenprinting company that sells T-shirts, hats, stickers, and more around the country. I'm happy with my job and hopefully will never have to worry about money ever again, even with the US' terrible Health Care and Tax Your Income And Your Outgo systems.

Thank you for still being here to read this though. This is where the core of my soul still resides.

That said, working 40 hours a week does >not< make it very easy to draw comics, even 'small' four-panel ones like this, and getting this one out was at least a two-day affair and took a lot of mental effort.

I really like color comics and I'm still unable to really throw out my need to draw backgrounds. They're kinda important even now.

I'd be happy with one comic a week, but with two days off and a pile of commissions still lingering from before I got my job three months ago, I'm struggling to not feel overwhelmed and hide from it.

Friends help, so let's keep going with that for now.

More comics are on the horizon.