Finally getting another comic strip posted and planned out! It's finally time to introduce a new character, too! I've kept this character mostly hidden so far, and I'm really happy to finally start introducing them and what role they have to play in the future...

In other news, I am attempting to motivate myself to produce more Boomer Express. I am experimenting with Patreon now, and would like to invite you to take a look over at and see what I'm putting together!

The general gist is that you can pay me any amount per comic that I post, up to a monthly maximum. If I make over a certain amount, I will up my production to keep up with the demand, so to speak. What I'm planning is to take the current storyline and work it out to its completion, one strip a week, for the next two or three months. Once this storyline is complete, I'll be shifting back to four panel strips, black and white. If enough people decide it's worth it, I'll increase production from three strips a week to five, or possibly even daily strips! I might even push it far enough to quit my day job and pay off my tuition debt altogether on Boomer Express alone! There's so much more I'd like to do, and if you like what you see here, you can help me make not just Boomer Express a reality, but help with storylines, receive monthly commissions, and sneak previews of not just the next comic strip, but my next Comic Strip project entirely!

Thanks for coming by Boomer Express, it will continue to be free to all and my way of telling a story for the world. I really appreciate all the support and hope to keep making more!