Getting into a grand routine with my old college buddy Creighton these days. We meet up every Thursday and hang out and draw comics. I might have to try going to his place once or twice, though it'd be too difficult to bring my whole computer set up... work in progress, that.

Life has been boring and monotonous outside of comics, though the power did go out at work on Tuesday, necessitating me going home early. Managed to join my guild's WoW raid and we took down several bosses in rapid succession. The new WoW patch has really had a positive effect on our success, and while I still kind of dislike the artificial power boost, it's a welcome infusion of interest in what had been a slightly stale end of expansion.

In other news, my cousin got married down in Texas. I wish I could have been there, but money's a bit tight until I can get my college debt cleared up. I'm still trying to focus on that and not get distracted too badly. Not too many job prospects are around, and what are available are requiring a little more programming expertise than I have... I'm really hoping I can find some way to learn Unity better and figure out how to best approach the industry now.